Smart vs. Programmable Thermostats – Which is Better?

Which Smart Thermostat is the Best?

Thermostat technology has come a long way in recent years. A few decades ago, many homes still had simple, dial-style thermostats. Then in the 1990s, programmable thermostats became more common. With a programmable thermostat, homeowners can more precisely control their home’s temperature. They can also set the temperature to change, automatically, throughout the day. These functions help improve comfort and save energy.

Programmable thermostats are still popular, and they still work well for many homeowners. However, if you are looking to further improve your comfort and energy efficiency, it’s time to consider another upgrade – to a smart thermostat!

Programmable thermostats are good, but smart thermostats are even better. Here are a few specific advantages to consider.

Smart Thermostats Learn Your Patterns

With a standard, programmable thermostat, you have to guess when you’ll be home and adjust the thermostat accordingly. But a smart thermostat, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, can observe your schedule and adjust accordingly. Over time, it will become more and more attuned to your schedule, accurately predicting when you’ll be home and when you’ll be away. Thanks to this function, you no longer have to remember to adjust your thermostat settings when your work schedule or other circumstances change.

Smart Thermostats Give You “Remote” Control

When your schedule suddenly changes and you come home at an unusual time, you may be bothered by a home that’s too cool or too hot. This is not an issue with a WiFi thermostat. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust your home’s temperature remotely, using an app. If you suddenly need to come home in the middle of the workday, you can turn the heat up on your way home. If you’re out of town and decide to come home early, you can make sure the home is nice and cozy when you arrive. The apps associated with smart thermostats are simple, intuitive, and easy to learn.

Smart Thermostats Monitor Energy Use

When your energy bills go up or down, do you find yourself wondering whether your HVAC use accounts for the change? If you have your HVAC installation service install a smart thermostat, you won’t have to wonder. Smart thermostats track your energy use. You can access detailed, yet intuitive reports and data in the app. If you see your energy efficiency starting to decrease, you know to contact one of the heating and cooling companies in your area for service.

Smart Thermostats Are Sleek

Say goodbye to your clunky thermostat is 8 buttons, and hello to a sleek, stylish, smart thermostat. Their simple designs and interfaces make them an attractive choice that’s compatible with modern decor. The temperature is also displayed prominently in large text, so you can see it at a glance.

Programmable thermostats were certainly an improvement on dial thermostats. In the same way, smart thermostats are an improvement on programmable thermostats. If you’re ready to upgrade and enjoy improved comfort, control, and efficiency, contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer a range of services from installation to emergency heating repair.

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