Here’s How you can Stay Warm without Breaking the Bank this Winter

Here's How you can Stay Warm without Breaking the Bank this WinterIs it possible to stay warm this winter without draining area energy supplies along with your household budget? With energy costs continually rising and environmental concerns always on the radar, heating and cooling companies get a lot of questions surrounding energy efficiency and comfort. How can you stay warm without succumbing to high heating bills or suffocating yourself in itchy layers and blankets?

These 6 Tips Can Help You Keep Warm Without Busting Your Budget

  1. Run Your Heating on a Timer
    Rather than cranking the temperature (way) up and back down, or running your heater at the same temperature all day, save money by running your heater on a timer, lowering the set temperature and turning it down to the mid-60 when you’re asleep or away from home. This is easily and inexpensively accomplished with a smart programmable thermostat.
    Heat pump? Avoid heating repairs by choosing a heat-pump-compatible thermostat model.
  2. Keep Drafts at Bay
    Add weatherstripping around doors and windows to reduce drafts, or hang curtains or blankets in a pinch. Caulk and spray foam the many small holes in your home surrounding plumbing, cables, and electrical, which can collectively allow in as much cold air as leaving a window open. Surprise influx of cash? Invest in double or triple pane insulated windows for added protection against heat loss.
  3. Insulate
    In addition to ensuring your home has sufficient insulation for you climate, a common issue found in older homes, insulate your home from within with the addition of:

    • Insulating Curtains
      Insulating curtains are an easy an inexpensive way to guard against heat loss. The thicker the better – but if you’re caught blind-sided by a blizzard, any covering will help in a pinch, from plastic and shower curtains, to old blankets and rugs.
    • Rugs
      Uninsulated floors can be responsible for up to 10% of heat loss in your home. Adding area rugs to tile, wood, and laminate flooring can help combat this, acting as an insulator, retaining heat, and keeping your feet warm to boot.
  4. Hook Up a Humidifier
    Humidity holds warmth in the air, making the simple addition of humidity via a whole house humidifier a great way to feel warmer without cranking up the heat. As an added bonus, it will also protect your skin and hair from winter’s dry climate, fighting chapped skin and safeguarding you from static electricity.
  5. Eat-In
    Not only will you save money and eat healthier by cooking at home, you will also warm up your home.
  6. Avoid Frostbite
    Keep a trusted 24/7 HVAC repair company on speed-dial in the event of heater issues during winter weather extremes, while preventing the need for service with a regular annual heating tune up in Malvern. Even employing all of the above methods won’t keep your home warm if your HVAC system breaks down on you due to neglected maintenance or overlooked mechanical issues.

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