Thermostat Placement Issues You Need to be Aware Of

Upgrading Your Thermostat May Help with Energy Efficiency and Savings. Learn How

Your thermostat is a small component of your HVAC system, and you might not think about it too often. However, where and how your thermostat is installed will have an impact on how well your heating system functions. If your thermostat is not well located, your energy bills might increase, and your home may not heat as evenly as it should. Thermostat placement issues are surprisingly common, but luckily, they are something an HVAC repair technician can address with relative ease. Here are some common thermostat placement problems to check for in your home.

Direct Sunlight

When the sun streams in through your window, does it shine on your thermostat? If so, when it is sunny out, your thermostat may be reading a higher temperature than the actual temperature of your room. In the short term, you can correct this issue by keeping your drapes or blinds closed. But ultimately, you’ll want to have an HVAC contractor come and move your thermostat to a less sunny spot.

On An Exterior Wall

Thermostats should always be placed on interior walls as those walls are less affected by the outdoor temperature. An exterior wall will get colder when it’s cold outside and hotter on the hottest days, which makes it tough for a thermostat to get an accurate reading. If your thermostat is on an exterior wall, ask your HVAC repair technician to recommend a few interior wall locations. You can then have them move your thermostat to the location that best suits your decorating scheme and layout.

Above a Vent

If your thermostat is right above a heating vent, it will start reading a higher temperature soon after the heat kicks on. This can cause your furnace to turn off prematurely before your home is really warm enough. Sometimes, homeowners think something is wrong with their furnace, but instead of furnace repairs, they really just need to have their thermostat moved away from the vent.

Behind Furniture

Sometimes homeowners think their thermostat is ugly, and so they attempt to hide it behind a piece of furniture. The problem with this approach is that thermostats need ample airflow in order to accurately read the temperature of a room. Furniture can block the flow of air. Luckily, this is a problem you can usually solve without calling any home heating companies. Move the furniture away from the thermostat. If you really can’t stand the way your thermostat looks, then it may be time for an upgrade. Modern WiFi thermostats are quite sleek and attractive.

Is your thermostat located on an interior wall away from any vents, sunlight, and other obstructions? If not, it’s time to make a move. You’ll be surprised how much better your heating system works with a properly located thermostat. Contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning if you need help with thermostat replacement or installation. We also offer fall HVAC maintenance and more.

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