Thinking of Replacing your AC next Summer? Fall is Actually the Best Time!

Thinking of Replacing your AC next Summer? Fall is Actually the Best Time!With fall on its way, holiday shopping is likely at the forefront of your mind. In addition to your Black Friday purchases this year, we suggested adding a new air conditioning system to your list. If your air conditioner struggled through the summer, leaving you sticky and uncomfortable, or you’re tired of the frequent maintenance and repairs your older system requires, fall is the ideal time to make an upgrade. With warm weather winding down and several more months before its return, why consider a new system now?

You Can Take Your Time Shopping

In the fall, when sweltering weather isn’t right around the corner, you can take all the time you need shopping for a new system, considering different brands such as Amana, Rheem, Lennox, and Bryant air conditioners. You may also wish to consider a different system style, such as ductless mini-split systems. Today, there are many more options for climate control than there used to be, offering more flexibility of use and long-term energy savings opportunities. Be careful when searching online, as the glut of information out there can be overwhelming. Instead, book a consultation with your local heating and air conditioning experts, who can help you reduce research to find the right air conditioner and accessories to meet your needs.

You’ll Get a Better Deal Off-Season

Lower demand for air conditioning systems in the fall means a greater selection and lower prices. Talk to your local heating and air conditioning contractor, who has a direct line of contact with air conditioning system suppliers. They can quickly help you find the best deals from the industry’s leading manufacturers. You can often get a significant fall discount from manufacturers stocking systems that didn’t sell over the summer that they need to move to make room for new models come spring.

You’ll Suffer Less Construction Delays & Costs

With the moderate climate this time of the year, it is also an excellent opportunity to get your new quiet air conditioner installed, before inclement weather puts a damper on any needed remodeling/construction. Replacing your system in the fall before freezing weather sets in, and before next summer, when living without an air conditioner could leave you sweating it out until a replacement can be scheduled during “busy season,” is ideal timing. If you wait until weather is warm again, you’ll be in line with everyone else who suddenly realized they’d better hurry up and schedule an installation to ensure a cool, comfortable home this summer, and you’ll pay much more.

Shopping for great deals this holiday season? Investing in a new air conditioner in the fall offers tremendous opportunities. Contact H & H Heating & Cooling today to learn more about available deals on a new system and energy efficiency upgrade incentives today.

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