Top 10 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor


As a homeowner, you don’t have to be an HVAC expert. However, it is helpful to know and learn a little about your HVAC system, how it operates, and how to care for it. The next time your HVAC contractors come out for an AC or furnace service, here are some questions we suggest asking to help build your understanding.

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1. How often should I change my filter?

Air filters should be changed routinely to keep your air and HVAC equipment clean. Your HVAC contractor can advise you as to how often yours should be changed. This varies based on how many pets you have and your type of filter.

2. When should I replace my system?

It’s best to replace an HVAC system before it fails completely. Your HVAC contractor can let you know about how long yours has left.

3. Should I have the thermostat moved?

If your thermostat is on an exterior wall or near a heating vent, your HVAC contractor may want to move it for a more accurate reading.

4. What does that noise mean?

Make sure you tell your HVAC contractor about any unusual sounds your system is making. Some sounds mean you need repairs, while others are normal.

5. What does that smell mean?

While the odor of burning dust is normal the first time you turn your heat on, odors like that of rotten eggs and hot metal mean something is amiss.

6. What maintenance does my system need?

Different types of HVAC systems require different levels of maintenance. Your HVAC contractor can suggest a furnace and AC maintenance service plan to help prevent the need for repairs while also increasing energy efficiency.

7. Do you offer emergency heating repair services?

Should your heat or AC fail, you need to know who to call. Ask whether your HVAC company offers 24 hour heating repair service. Keep in mind that H & H Heating & Air Conditioning offers 24-hour service with no additional charge for after-hours calls.

8. How can I increase efficiency?

You don’t always need to replace your HVAC system to improve energy efficiency. Your HVAC contractor may suggest certain repairs or maintenance services that can help lower your energy bills.

9. What brands do you carry?

Even if you don’t need a new furnace or air conditioner right now, it’s helpful to know what brands your HVAC company installs. This way, you can more quickly compare your options when it is time for a replacement.

10. Do you work on hot water heaters?

Not all HVAC companies also work on hot water heaters. However, it is nice to find a company that does so you can have all of this work done by the same contractors.

Most HVAC contractors will be more than happy to talk with you about these and other topics. If you’re looking for a new HVAC company in the Delaware Valley, don’t hesitate to contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning.

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