Top 5 Summer HVAC Issues (& How to Fix Them)

Top 5 Summer HVAC IssuesAs temperatures rise and you increasingly rely on your air conditioning system to stay comfortable, you can put your HVAC system under significant stress. In this situation, it’s not uncommon for issues that have been left unaddressed to rear their ugly heads. The more temperatures raise, the more calls we receive for emergency HVAC service. Here are a few of the most common issues we get service calls for during summer temperature extremes.

Top 5 Summer Air Conditioning Problems

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty home air filters dramatically reduce airflow, leading to inefficient operation. If left unaddressed it may also result in system overheating. As your system is forced to work harder and longer to cool your home, this compounds the problem. As dirt and dust is forced through your system, it soils system components, leading to dirty coils which further reduce system performance. Luckily, air filter maintenance is simple and inexpensive. Change standard air filters monthly to ensure optimum performance, scheduling annual professional maintenance for the cleaning of interior system components. While you’re at it, check the outdoor unit. Reduced airflow from overgrown vegetation and yard debris can impact performance as well.

Low Refrigerant

Tiny pinhole leaks in your AC coil and refrigerant lines can lead to a loss of refrigerant over time. When air conditioner refrigerant is low, your system will struggle to cool your home, leading to longer run times, potential overheating, and inflated energy bills. Your local home air conditioning company can leak check your system, make any required repairs and safely top off your system with the proper refrigerant, resolving this issue.

Electrical Issues

Summer heat, as well as lawn maintenance, can lead to the damage of key components of your system. Capacitors commonly fail in the summer, when extreme temperatures combined with increased workload cause overheating. Weed whacking around your exterior unit can cause issues as well. Grass and weed fragments can clog the exterior unit, reducing airflow and leading to overheating. Also, wire damage and damage to cooling fins can occur when you cut too closely to your system, hitting components with the weed whacker.

Compressor Failure

Repair issues, such as those above, if left unaddressed, can often lead to costly compressor failure as they cause this essential component to overheat, wear out faster, and ultimately fail. It’s critical to contact an HVAC service professional at the first sign of problems, or better yet, schedule proactive annual maintenance for cooling units in the spring.

Drainage Issues

A clogged condensate drain can cause quite a mess as fluids backup into your home, potentially resulting in structural damage and complications from mold. Warm summer temperatures are ideal for mold and mildew growth in drainage system lines. Your condensate lines should be inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent this issue.

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