Top 5 tips on maintaining your home heating system

The terms ‘maintenance’ and ‘efficiency’ are almost synonymous for most homeowners especially if you have witnessed first-hand the impact of regular maintenance on the life and efficiency of heating systems. Heating units are an integral aspect of our lifestyle and hence require regular and thorough attention to ensure that they are working effectively all year round. So to make sure that you and your family do not have to compromise your comfort this winter, here are the top 5 tips on maintaining home heating systems.


Maintaining and caring for your heat pump is vital to ensuing that your heating system is working effectively however this becomes even more important during the peak season of use. If you know your home is in for especially chilly winter conditions, take a good look at your heat pump to make sure it doesn’t have ice assembling on it as this can cause extensive damage to the unit including frozen blades which can result in the unit not working entirely. To prevent yourself from such hassle and discomfort you can choose to be safe instead of sorry and take these simple measures:

  • Ensure that the return air can travel unblocked and the airflow is unhampered.
  • Clean the outdoor coils regularly, looking out for dirt and debris.
  • Maintain and clean the environment surrounding your heat pump to ensure that nearby debris such as leaves and dirt does not find its way into the heart of your heat pump, affecting its efficiency.


Poorly maintained heating systems often carry dirty filters that result in dust and allergens harming the health of your family. The filters inside a heating unit should be replaced often, once a month being a good rule of thumb to go by. Replacing the filters not only adds to the quality of air within your home but is subsequently beneficial to those households with members suffering from allergies and/or asthma.


While cleaning or replacing airfilters is something that needs to be done on a frequent basis, looking after your ducts can be avoided for a while longer. However, if your home is subject to smoking and animal dander or the growth of mold is visible, you should surely opt for a professional duct cleaning service to prevent any danger to the wellbeing of your household.


Whether your home boasts of a furnace or gas boilers, retrofitting is a great way using the latest heating technologies without the issue of replacing your existing system. Retrofitting allows you to incorporate newer HVAC technologies into your heating system making it more efficient to use. So for those homeowners who are itching to get their hands on the latest in heating but feel tied down due to existing heating units, this is the perfect option for you. However before taking the plunge it is important to take a few things into consideration:

  • Compare the cost of retrofitting your home’s heating system to the cost of buying a more advanced replacement.
  • Retrofitting is performed in accordance with the fuel your heating system uses. Whether you have gas boilers/furnaces or oil ones, it is important to take a good look into the pros and cons of making the change and if it is worth the effort.
  • For most of us, upgrading or replacing heating units revolves around two things, lower energy costs and greater efficiency. Thus it is important to compare if retrofitting will amount to substantial savings or if you are better off replacing your unit for one that works in a more energy saving manner resulting in greater savings.


Lastly, contacting a professional heating repair services company and arranging a heating system check is the best way to make sure that your heating system is safe to use and also functioning ideally. While a visit once a year can be sufficient, it is best to schedule heating repair services prior to the peak periods of use.  Ask your professional technician to inspect all aspects of the heating system such as ducts, filters, coils etc. as well as check the unit for any leaks.

For more tips on how you can care for your home’s heating system, contact H & H heating and air conditioning and speak to one of their friendly staff member

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