Top 7 HVAC Myths – Busted!

Top 7 HVAC Myths – Busted!Have you fallen for these common HVAC myths? Don’t suffer the consequences of these common misconceptions. Get the facts from knowledgeable HVAC contractors.

Myth #1: Using a Heating & Air Conditioning System is Always Expensive

While you can’t run a system for free, that doesn’t mean maintaining comfort in your home with a heating and cooling unit can’t be done affordably. HVAC system installation of a new, high-efficiency Energy Star-rated system can offer substantial savings over units 8-10 years old. Take advantage of the latest ductless heating and cooling technology, which offers higher SEER and eliminates energy loss via leaky ductwork, and savings can be even more substantial.

Not ready for an upgrade? A smart programmable thermostat can also help you keep costs under control.

Myth #2: You Should Only Run Your System When You Need It

Systems utilizing variable speed technology run more efficiently at lower, steady speeds rather than being cranked on/off for immediate temperature control. Worried about the costs of running your system when you don’t need it? A smart thermostat can help you avoid heating and cooling your home when you’re away.

Myth 3: Heating and Cooling Systems Recycle Dirty Air

Modern HVAC systems actually help clean the air of pollen, dust, dander, smoke, and more – especially those with high-quality home air filters. Heat repair companies recommend filters with higher MERV ratings for trapping smaller particles. Looking for even better air quality? Consider incorporating a whole-house air purifier or air scrubber to boost your air cleaning capacity.

Myth 4: You Only Need to Change Your Air Filter Once a Year

Air filters should be replaced every three months, at a minimum. Your home air filter keeps the air in your home clean. Dirt buildup also restricts airflow through the system, decreasing performance and causing your system to work harder.

Myth #5: All HVAC Systems are Noisy

If your older unit is loud and distracting or you are sensitive to noise, researching before investing in a new model could save your sanity. Shop carefully for models with the lowest decibel ratings, which include sound-reducing features like variable speed operation, a compressor sound blanket, more aerodynamic fan blades, and vibration-reducing hardware.

Myth 6: An Investment in a New HVAC System Won’t Last Long

A heating and cooling system can provide lasting comfort, operating for 10-15 years when properly sized, professionally installed, and regularly serviced. If your system is making odd noises or operating it is draining your bank account, calling for emergency air conditioning service is essential to ensuring it reaches this ripe, old age.

Myth 7: When Choosing an HVAC System, Bigger is Better

Oversized units cycle on/off more frequently, doing a poor job controlling humidity and putting excess stress on costly system components.

Reliable, affordable heat and air is not a myth. Ensure you get the most out of your HVAC investment. Contact the heating and air contractors at H & H Heating & Air Conditioning for help servicing or upgrading your system today.

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