What kind of Warranties do the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Companies provide?

One of the largest investments you’ll make in your home, the penny-wise HVAC shopper looks to more than bottom-line appliance cost when choosing a new heating and cooling system. Chief among these variables: Product warranty, key to limiting out-of-pocket expenses and the inconvenient and potentially detrimental effects of unexpected heating and cooling emergencies that can occur in weather extremes.  

A Wonderful Warranty Points to a Winning HVAC Installer

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The best heating and air conditioning companies want your system to last as long as you do, providing warranties with the following features to protect your investment…

  • A long lifespan.
    Winning HVAC companies partner with providers whose systems stand the test of time, and back it with long warranties, some over 20 years. Be sure to compare apples-to-apples however, as some systems with lifetime warranties may not cover labor, or only for a limited time.
  • Parts included.
    Consider the warranty length on prime parts such as AC compressors, heat exchangers, etc. as some parts may have a longer warranty than others, or be exempt altogether, such as maintenance items like air filters and fan belts. Ask how covered parts are processed: Ideally, subtracted from the bill.
  • No processing fee.
    Some contractors/manufacturers charge a ‘warranty-processing fee’ for ‘paperwork’ even when parts are covered. This fee isn’t standard in the industry.
  • Available extensions.
    Extended warranties can cover an additional 5-10 years of parts/labor, however the devil is in the details. Check when service begins (6 months after enrollment?), how long you should expect to wait during peak season for service, and the amount of time the warranty contractor providing heating and cooling repair services has been in business. (No matter the price, it’ll never pay to purchase a warranty from a defunct, fly-by-night contractor). If a sales rep becomes high-pressure surrounding adding an extension, consider how this speaks about the system’s quality.
  • Details.
    Simply put, a trustworthy contractor wants you in-the-know on things that could void your warranty, providing written or verbal instructions to help you avoid warranty-killing mistakes like…

    • Forgetting to register the system in a timely manner.
    • Having the unit installed by an unlicensed contractor.
    • Allowing an unlicensed contractor to work on the unit.
    • Failure to use approved replacement parts.
    • Neglecting annual, professional maintenance.
    • Failure to keep records of maintenance and repair services.
  • An installation guarantee.
    Any home heating or home air conditioning company that installs a new system in your home should back their installation alongside the system they’re installing, providing a written, 100% money-back guarantee on all installation work within installation documents. This protects you from paying for installation errors and accidental damage to the system during setup.

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