Uneven Cooling? What to Do

Uneven Cooling? What to DoSingle story and multi-level homes commonly suffer uneven cooling issues. The layout of your home, the location of your thermostat, ductwork problems, dirty air filters, and the age of your heating and cooling system can all play a role in uneven cooling. This is a problem we see frequently at H & H Heating & Cooling. Luckily, you may be able to solve this issue without professional help.

6 Tips for Solving Uneven Cooling Problems

  1. Try redirecting airflow.
    Identify and resolve issues with dirty vents or those blocked by furnishings. Redirect air to specific areas by partially closing some vents in cooler areas of your home, such as the first floor. (Do not fully close vents.)
  2. Switch the fan to the ‘on’ position.
    Switch the fan setting on your thermostat from ‘auto’ to ‘on’ position. In the ‘on’ position, the fan will remain on, circulating air even after system cooling turns off. This can help even out temperatures in the home. In the ‘auto’ setting, the fan only operates when the cooling system is engaged. Air conditioning companies verify, leaving the fan ‘on’ increases your energy bills only nominally, about $5-20 per month.
  3. Have ductwork professionally inspected for leaks.
    Duct leakage can reduce system performance up to 30%, forcing your system to work harder to cool your home. Conditioned air that is meant for your home ends up in your attic/crawlspace, leading to poor cooling and uneven temperatures. To avoid ductwork damage (and potentially drywall repairs from falling through the ceiling) leave this to a professional air conditioning service company.
  4. Check and address insulation deficiencies.
    Insulation keeps cool air in and warm outdoor air out. If your attic or particular areas of your home lack sufficient insulation, you’re not enjoying the benefits and comfort of your cooling system. This situation can lead to a noticeable temperature difference in some regions of your home. It can be particularly evident in multi-level homes, where upper levels can be warm and uncomfortable. Be sure you have the proper amount of insulation in attic and walls, verifying recommended R-values for your region.
  5. Upgrade your system.
    If the above solutions don’t handle your uneven cooling issues and your system is more than 10-years old, it may be time to upgrade you air conditioner. Newer cooling systems are far more efficient, quickly solving problems of uneven cooling when properly sized and installed.
  6. Consider a ‘zoned’ HVAC system.
    Though a more substantial investment, zoned HVAC systems are a more efficient way to cool your home and make addressing uneven cooling easier. The number of zones will depend upon the size and layout of your home. Simply adjust the temperature in specific areas or floors for even cooling throughout your home. Bonus: Zoned systems offer opportunities for energy savings, reducing utility costs by up to 30% according to the Department of Energy.

Home still hopelessly uncomfortable? Ensure cool, even temperatures throughout your home with the help of the trusted 24/7 HVAC repair services of H & H Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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