Unico Small Duct Systems Provide Efficient Cooling in Tight Spaces

Unico Small Duct Systems Provide Efficient Cooling in Tight SpacesUnico small duct high-velocity systems are a fantastic solution for cooling homes with little space for the addition of ductwork. They work well in many settings, from historic homes to apartments, condos, and tiny houses, operating much like a conventional heating and cooling units, yet providing more significant benefits.

How is a Unico Small Duct, High-Velocity AC System Different?

Unico small duct high-velocity (SDHV) systems are smaller, about one-third the size of conventional systems, allowing them to fit where other systems cannot. Rather than using large ductwork, they instead incorporate small, flexible tubing, which is easily fitted into existing wall cavities, above ceilings, or beneath floors, taking up minimal space.

SDHV systems also feature a small but mighty modular air handler that takes up minimal space in closets, attics, and crawlspaces. This makes them much easier to install in tight residences that don’t have the room to accommodate the large ductwork of conventional systems.

How Does the Performance of an SDHV System Compare?

Despite their small size, SDHV systems deliver the same level of cooling as conventional systems three-times the size, offering several performance advantages:

  • More efficient operation.
    Conventional, ducted systems suffer performance inefficiencies of 20-30% due to heat loss through leaks and poorly connected, uninsulated ducts. Like ductless systems, SDHV systems are much more efficient, with less surface area for energy loss and tight, insulated design. Professionally installed, they experience 0% air leakage.
  • Even temperatures and draft-free airflow.
    Unlike conventional systems, which create drafts and uneven temperatures when distributing air, small duct systems provide draft-free, even temperatures. Using a principle called aspiration, they produce a light suction, which draws room air into the stream of conditioned, cooled air. This delivers draft-free cooling floor to ceiling, through all levels of your home, with no greater than a two-degree temperature difference throughout, ensuring comfort.
  • Quiet operation.
    Designed for quiet operation and efficient performance, Unico supply tubing features a nylon inner core, with added insulation to absorb sound. Unico air handlers also feature closed-cell, sound-deadening insulation to isolate noise and vibration. During operation, SDHV systems are whisper quiet and nearly undetectable.
  • Superior humidity control.
    Unico SDHV systems remove up to 30% more humidity from the room than conventional HVAC systems, allowing you to adjust your thermostat to save energy, yet enjoy the same level of comfort.

What is the Cost of a Unico Small Duct System?

Air conditioning companies can install Unico systems for about the same cost as conventional systems. Because system tubing and the modular air handler can be discreetly added to any home without the need for expensive soffit additions or extensive remodeling, build-out costs for incorporating SDHV system technology are little to nonexistent. Like conventional systems, they are specially designed and sized for each home.

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