Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat – Save Energy and Stay Comfortable

Honeywell T6 Smart Thermostat

No longer a newcomer to the market, smart thermostat technology for heating and cooling units has been around for decades. Trending and climbing in popularity, homeowners are increasingly turning to smart thermostat tech for comfort and energy savings.

How Much Energy Can a Smart Thermostat Help You Save?

Though the amount a smart thermostat technology can save will vary based on your area climate, home construction, and thermostat habits, the EPA’s Energy Star program reports homes taking advantage of smart thermostat technology can save up to $180 per year on heating and air conditioning. Based on these estimates, you can recoup a smart thermostat investment in 2 years – or sooner with rebates available from your local utility company.

How Do Smart Thermostats Improve Comfort & Save Money?

  • They work with you.
    Invest in a next generation Nest or Honeywell smart thermostat, and your smart thermostat will work with you, learning your temperature preferences and schedule with no need for programming on your part, recording your family’s behavior to create a schedule that maximizes comfort and efficiency.
  • They’re tricky.
    Watching when you leave, come home, and sleep, deciding to adjust temperatures when you don’t notice, working behind-the-scenes to provide you both comfort and energy savings.
  • They’re precise.
    Some smart thermostat models, such as the EcoBee 3, use remote sensor technology, allowing for precise, room-by-room temperature control. This prevents your system from pushing conditioned air into unused spaces, providing maximum comfort in the rooms in which you spend the most time.
  • They’re flexible.
    Even though your smart thermostat is great at handling things, the power is still in your hands, with easy, convenient operation from anywhere an internet connection is available – the couch, work – even faraway vacation destinations, allowing you to monitor use and ensure comfort and safety. Home automation system? Most models work with popular voice-prompted tech such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home.
  • They don’t get distracted.
    If you don’t use your programmable thermostat (or don’t use it correctly), leave your thermostat set to the same temperature 24/7, or frequently forget to adjust temperatures while you’re gone for the day or before bed, a smart thermostat can save you a lot of dough.
  • They think outside the box.
    Taking into consideration outdoor weather conditions, humidity levels – even when someone has fired up the oven – to provide maximum comfort, no matter the mitigating factors.
  • They’ve got the deets.
    Mobile apps and reports offer additional options for savings, showing where minor adjustments can be made for those who love data and tweaking home systems for energy savings.
  • They think ahead.
    Letting you know when it’s time for regular maintenance, cleaning and inspections, ensuring optimal efficiency, prolonging the life of your system, and safeguarding you from unexpected and costly air conditioning and heating repair services.

Work smarter not harder to boost energy savings and comfort. Contact H & H Heating & Air Conditioning, your A+ BBB-rated local HVAC repair service, and schedule your smart thermostat installation today.

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