What is a Good Temperature to Set your Thermostat?

What is a Good Temperature to Set your Thermostat?When selecting the right temperature setting for heating and AC units, finding the right balance between comfort and energy savings may seem tricky. However, making smart choices can save you a pretty penny, as heating and cooling account for up to half of the average home’s utility costs. Read on to discover the ideal temperature zone for your home and how to circumvent issues that can affect comfort from season to season.

Seasonal Temperature Setting Tips

As a general rule, setting your thermostat to 78°F in the summer and 68°F in the winter is best for energy savings. However, these settings may not be ideal in every situation. The following challenges may affect your ideal temperature setting:

  • Humidity Issues
    In the winter, when air is naturally dry and moisture evaporates from the skin more quickly, people are naturally colder. The opposite is true in the summer, with stickiness and high-humidity taking a toll on comfort levels and tempting you to ‘crank it up.’
  • Occupancy
    While the settings above may be perfectly comfy while you’re home, if your family is gone for 8+ hours you’re wasting a lot of energy heating/cooling an empty house. In this case, a smart programmable thermostat can pay for itself pretty quickly.
  • Age & Health
    The very young, elderly, and individuals in poor health generally require warmer temperatures. If this includes your home’s inhabitants, it pays to have a trusted, 24/7 HVAC repair service in your phone’s contact list to ensure rapid attention should your system experience issues in temperature extremes.
  • Home Specifications
    Air conditioning companies with knowledge and expertise can simply look at your home and tell you what your comfort issues are. South-facing areas are warmer, north-facing colder, effecting comfort levels and temperature settings depending on what these areas of your home are used for.

There’s More than One Way to Keep Your Home Comfortable for Less $$

Keeping your home comfortable can be accomplished in many more ways than simply bumping the thermostat up and down. There are many easy and energy efficient ways to stay comfy:

  • Smart Thermostats
    When it comes to finding the perfect thermostat setting for comfort and efficiency, the best heating and air conditioning companies know it’s best to pair your system with a smart thermostat. Today’s smart ‘learning’ thermostat models do all the work for you, learning your schedule and preferences to adjust temperatures as-needed for comfort and energy savings.
  • Zoned Heating/Cooling
    Zoning your home into sections can allow you to adjust for problem areas (and family members) without effecting temperatures elsewhere, providing consistency from room-to-room and helping to compensate for issues caused by sun exposure, heat gain/loss, and more.
  • Humidity Control
    Adding a whole home humidifier to your HVAC system in the winter can help you feel more comfortable at lower temperatures. In the summer, adding exhaust fans in high-moisture areas (bath/kitchen/laundry) can help keep humidity under control.

Struggling to maintain a comfortable home? The heating and air conditioning experts at H & H Heating & Cooling have you covered, keeping you comfy and protecting your bottom line. Contact us for personalized tips to aid in home comfort and energy savings today.

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