What is this Goo/Slime on My Air Conditioner?

What is this Goo/Slime on My Air Conditioner?What is this gross, slimy build up on my heating and cooling system? If you’ve gone to investigate an air conditioning system that has stopped working, only to uncover a weird white substance that looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, you may have been slimed.


What’s the Origin of White Slime?

White slime may be found in many areas of your system, including the drain lines, evaporator pan, and condensate pump. This wet, dark, environment promotes the growth of microorganisms. In this case, the goo is protecting a colony of bacteria beneath it that enjoys consuming dust for food. When this bacteria is found in a condensate drain pan, it could be a sign your air conditioner is oversized, leading to short operating cycles that provide a warm, moist, hospitable environment for the microorganisms to grow.

How It’s Gumming Up Your System

As it grows, this white goo can create multiple issues you’ll need the help of an HVAC repair service to address. Because these microorganisms grow quickly, they can cause severe problems in a short period of time when maintenance needs are ignored:

  • Building up and restricting the flow condensate lines.
  • Growing to completely block condensate lines, causing the evaporator pan to overflow.
  • Creating mold growth problems within ductwork and insulation.
  • Leading to leaks in your home that result in costly property damage.

Getting Rid of the Goo

Left unchecked, white slime can become a health hazard, negatively impacting indoor air quality. So it’s essential to get rid of the goo. Unfortunately, this takes more than a little spray and swipe of effected surfaces. Professional treatment is necessary to thoroughly clean the slime out of all affected areas so it cannot return. To get rid of the goo for good, your HVAC service pro will:

  • Remove and replace the old air filter, which can harbor the bacteria that cause the goo, leading to a re-sliming if overlooked.
  • Clean the condensate drain and other system components with a wet/dry vac and appropriate cleansing solution to neutralize the bacteria.
  • Clean the coil, as with replace your home air filter, to prevent the return of the slime from remaining microbes.
  • Leave behind special tablets that will kill any bacteria that become wet, placing them in a safe space where they won’t move and clog system components.
  • Schedule follow up cleaning semi-annually, and more frequently through cooling season, to ensure the bacteria has been eliminated.

Preventing Slime Before it Takes Over

Most slime stories begin with reactive maintenance – those that do not schedule annual preventative maintenance cleanings but wait until system failure or issues, resulting in the need for emergency HVAC service. To prevent your system from becoming a precautionary tale, keep white slime away with proactive system maintenance.

e aiDon’t live in fear. Exorcise slime from your system and safeguard the indoor air quality in your home with the help of the local air conditioning contractors at H & H Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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