Which Smart Thermostat is the Best?

Which Smart Thermostat is the Best?What makes a good smart thermostat? The pros at H & H heating and air conditioning know the best smart thermostats can carefully monitor and adjust your home’s temperature settings with little to no programming from you. Which models should you look to for ease of use, comfort, and energy savings?

Top Choice: Nest Thermostat E 

*Price: Around $170

The Nest Thermostat E delivers most of the learning features of the standard Nest, but at a slightly lower price point. It’s compatible with most systems, though not as many as other Nest models. The Nest Thermostat E is simple and easy to use, requiring minimal programming. Despite its reduced price, it offers many of the learning functions Nest models are known for, learning your heating and cooling preference and creating a schedule with no user programming required. Its clean white design can blend seamlessly into the walls of your Villanova home. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant but doesn’t work with Apple’s smart-home system or HomeKit.

Amenity-Packed: Nest Learning Thermostat

*Price: Around $215

The runner-up to our top pick, the Nest Smart Learning Thermostat has all the bells and whistles, including Nest’s most advanced features. It is compatible with a broader variety of heaters and air conditioners. It can do everything the Nest Thermostat E can, but delivers a larger, brighter display screen and more color and display options (weather, clock, etc.).

Does It All: Ecobee4

*Price: Around $199

The Ecobee 4 comes with Alexa built-in, including a speaker/microphone. However, it’s also compatible with Google Home and HomeKit. Working with remote temperature and occupancy sensors placed in multiple locations in your home, the Ecobee can better achieve target temperatures in occupied rooms. This offers far more precise control than monitoring with a single thermostat. If you have issues with cold spots in your home or are aching for an Alexa-enabled voice-operable thermostat, this model is for you. If you want something that automatically figures out your schedule, however, you’re better off with the Nest Thermostat E.

Budget-Friendly: Honeywell Lyric T5

*Price: Around $109

Air conditioning companies install a lot of Lyric T5s. You get what you pay for with this model. The Lyric T5 is not as easy to use as the Nest, but it is an affordable and easy way to manage your home’s climate. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. The Lyric can’t learn your schedule or sense your presence. Creating a custom schedule based on your preferences is up to you. It does have convenient geofencing technology, however. This notes your smartphone’s location, and should you leave or return home at an early or unexpected time, the Lyric adjusts the temperature in your home for comfort or energy savings.

Smart thermostat technology can provide up to $180 per year in energy savings, with many qualifying for utility rebates and incentives. What are you waiting for?  Stop stalling and contact an H & H Heating & Air Conditioning pro to schedule your smart thermostat installation today.

* Prices listed above are for informational purposes only and subject to change. Prices exclude installation cost.

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