Wi-Fi Thermostats are a “Smart” Choice. Here’s Why!

Wi-Fi Thermostats are a "Smart" Choice. Here's Why!Are you intrigued by the idea of a new smart thermostat and shopping for a replacement? A Wi-Fi thermostat may make a better choice. Our central heating installation technicians know these two products slightly different, and people often confuse the two products, using the terms interchangeably. What’s the difference between smart and Wi-Fi thermostats?

Smart Thermostats Don’t Like to Be Questioned

Many homeowners purchase smart thermostats, hoping to be able to turn the system on/off and adjust temperature settings from anywhere. But sometimes our residential air conditioning repair experts get support calls from homeowners struggling to use this function. Why? Sometimes the “smart” thermostats think they’ve got your schedule figured out, it wants to make temperature adjustments on its own, without help from you, making the process difficult. If your schedule changes frequently and you want the autonomy to freely adjust thermostat settings without needing to convince your thermostat, or tech support from a 24-hour HVAC service, a smart thermostat is probably not the best choice for you.

Wi-Fi Thermostats Offer Flexible Operation for the Tech Savvy

Wi-Fi home thermostats let you change your thermostat settings using an app from your compatible mobile device. It is not “smart” and does not attempt to modify settings based on your schedule or energy savings, but offers the same key features:

  • A sleek, modern look
  • Quick, easy installation and setup
  • App-driven control via your smartphone or mobile device
  • Voice-command capabilities
  • Customizable settings
  • The ability to save you money on your electric bills

But there is another added bonus to choosing a Wi-Fi thermostat: They cost less – about $100 less than smart thermostat models. Paired with potential energy savings and available incentives from your local utility provider, Wi-Fi thermostats offer a rapid return on investment.

Avoid Thermostat Adjustments that Inflate Your Energy Bill

Regardless of whether you choose a smart or a Wi-Fi thermostat, it’s essential to avoid frequent thermostat adjustments that cause your AC system to consume energy rapidly. Adjusting the temperature up and down repeatedly causes your system to work harder, inflating your utility bills and putting unnecessary stress on your AC system that could shorten its lifespan. The beauty of smart and Wi-Fi thermostats is setting your temperature to maintain home comfort while achieving optimal AC performance. To accomplish this, it’s best to put your thermostat on a schedule and only change it if your schedule varies from day to day.

Get smart. Save energy and make operating your heating and cooling system more convenient with the addition of a Wi-Fi home thermostat. Learn more about available Wi-Fi thermostat models from the knowledgeable air conditioning contractors at H & H Heating & Air Conditioning, or schedule the installation of a new, high-tech Wi-Fi home thermostat today.

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