Wine Cellar Cooling and Humidification Systems – The Essentials for your Wine Cellar

Love your wine collection, but that portable wine cooling unit not getting the job done anymore? If you are up to your ears in wine bottles (not the empty kind), it’s time to step things up a notch with wine cellar refrigeration systems.

What Does a Cellar Do that Your Home Cooling System and Countertop Unit Can’t?

Wine Cellar cooling refrigerationNoisy, and notoriously unreliable countertop refrigerators are extremely sensitive to the temperature of the surrounding environment, and simply cannot cool properly in an overly warm room. Their small size oftentimes both limits suitable storage, and provides only serving-temperature function – not long-term storage. This single-zone style cooling typically leaves either your reds or your whites in the wrong temperature zone. Adding insult to injury, in the effort to look pretty, glass doors on some units may result in the unwanted exposure of your wine collection to UV light, which can prematurely age light sensitive wine. Old systems with excessive vibration, as well as poor location of countertop coolers, can also lead to wines being repeatedly jostled, shaking up sediment and leading to wine that is unpleasantly gritty.

Cut the Clutter – and Keep Wine Tastier

Wine cellar refrigeration systems help keep your precious collection at the perfect temperature, no matter the weather or conditions in your home, providing the right atmosphere to ensure delicious wine and ensure proper storage. Keeping your cellar temperature between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature for wine storage, or a cooler 45 degrees for those looking for long-term storage that prevents aging, wine cellar cooling systems offer precise wine storage control. However more than simple wine cellar temperature control is crucial to wine condition – humidity is also key.

Don’t Sweat It: Humidification

Because air in your home can get dry, especially in the winter, as part of your wine cellar cooling unit installation you should include a wine cellar humidifier. Wine cellar cooling in dry climates can be tricky, and humidification ensures success, keeping your collection in the ideal 60-70% relative humidity range to protect corks from drying and cracking, resulting in wine evaporation through the cork, and eventually spoilage. This temperature/humidity control combination gives you total control over your wine storage environment.

Air Things Out with an Installer You can Trust

You have a lot riding on your soon-to-be cellar. When selecting a fabricator for your wine cellar refrigeration system, ensure lasting, successful results with a licensed, insured, and experienced professional. Select a company that backs their work with honest, straight-forward pricing and an extensive warranty, ensuring they will be available 24/7 to address your unit in the event of an emergency to ensure the condition of your collection day and night.

For the ultimate in wine cellar temperature control, professionally crafted to protect your prize pinot, trust in H & H Heating & Air Conditioning. Don’t leave your investment – or your taste buds – at risk, ensure the perfect condition of your wine collection year-round. Contact us today.

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