Wine Cellar Refrigeration and Installation in Wayne

Is your wine collection outgrowing your small refrigeration unit? Now may be a good time to step-up your storage solution, taking your hobby, and your enjoyment of wine, to a whole new level. We are offering wine cellar cooling unit installation and maintenance services in Wayne, so now you can have the wine cellar you always dreamed of, from fun and affordable, to a stylish statement-maker.

wine cellar refrigeration and installation in Wayne

Safeguard Your Collection with a Better Storage Solution
No matter your budget or needs, we can help you find the perfect wine storage solution for your home, keeping your collection in the 50-55° F temperature and 60-70% humidity range to ensure fresh flavors…

  • Economical & Easily Installed: Self-Contained Cooling Units
    Much like a window air conditioner, self-contained wine cellar cooling units are affordable and simply installed, mounting between wall studs. While one end absorbs heat and exhausts it into an adjacent indoor area, the other end blows cool air into the cellar. Their design does rob a bit of storage space, and they are inherently noisier than split or ducted varieties, but depending on your home’s setup, a self-contained system may provide a fast, economical solution to meeting your wine storage needs.
  • Quiet & Efficient: Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems
    Installed by air conditioning experts, split systems are the most efficient way to cool your wine cellar, regardless of size. Much like common split system air conditioners, with this style of wine cooling system, quieter, evaporator components are located inside or near your cellar, while noisier condensers can be located in an area better suited for sound reduction and space needs. In addition to quieter operation, split systems also offer greater flexibility in wine cellar design – and more consistent temperature and humidity levels.
  • Beautifully Designed: Ducted Wine Cooling Systems
    Ducted systems offer superior wine cellar climate control, as well as a wide variety of installation options, including the ability to hide the appearance of the system in the cellar, as well as eliminate or greatly reduce noise. Ducted systems also come in self-contained or split designs, but with the help of ductwork, noisier components can be installed a bit more flexibly, following ductwork, up to 25 feet away from your cellar. Most are designed for indoor application, though some systems, such as WhisperKool, allow for outdoor placement of cooling components.

Sour Grapes?
Prevent the needless loss of tasty wine products by ensuring the perfect storage temperatures and humidity, ensuring an optimum storage environment for your precious collection year-round. Stepping up from your undercounter or standalone wine refrigeration system doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For friendly, expert, wine refrigeration unit installation and service, count on the professionals at H & H Heating & Air Conditioning to guide you through the journey. With decades of experience, 2-year warranties, 24/7 repairs, straight-forward pricing and a 100% money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong no matter which wine cooing system you choose. Wayne residents, grab a glass of wine and give us a call today.

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