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There are few things worse in life than feeling the cold. Warmth is one of the basic human needs especially in the middle of the worst Philly winter. When a comfort system fails during the coldest months of the year, it can be frustrating and very uncomfortable. Fortunately, H & H Heating & Air Conditioning is on hand to help whether you need repairs or a brand new heating installation or heating system replacement.

We offer heating installation services for the following systems across the Delaware Valley:

Central Heating Installation or Repairs - Make Us Your Number One Choice

Everybody deserves to have an HVAC system that works efficiently. It is essential that you can rely on your service company to deal with any issues when they arise. At H & H, we have decades of experience when it comes to heating and air conditioning. 24 hour service 7 days a week and flat rate pricing makes us the perfect company to call for your gas heater installation. Our maintenance agreements give you access to a regular tune-up at least once a year to keep your system operating at peak performance.

Central Heating Installation

Replacing an old, inefficient unit with a new Goodman Home Heating Unit in Darby, PA.

Expert Heating Replacement Technicians With Decades Of Experience

Whether you need gas heater installation, are experiencing a problem with your heating or cooling system, furnace, your hot water supply or your fireplace, the technicians at H & H are just a phone call away. We cover an area within a 30 mile radius of Essington & Media, PA and we can get to you quickly, 24 hours a day. No matter what make or model heating system you own, we will get you warm again. Take advantage of our heating and air conditioning tune-up specials.

Carbon Monoxide Testing For Additional Peace Of Mind - If In Doubt, Call Us

Another service we offer is carbon monoxide testing. Call us the moment you suspect carbon monoxide may be present within your property. We will advise you to stay outside until we can get to you and then carry out thorough testing of your system. We can even install a special carbon monoxide alert system for additional peace of mind. Carbon monoxide kills - be safe.


Here are some typical questions our customers have in mind before they call us:

1. How do I prepare for my heating installation?

Preparing for a new heating installation in advance can save you time and money. Figure out where your new system will go as it might not be as bulky as the old one. Make room for the installation team by clearing a path for them to work and moving delicate items such as antiques and artwork to a safe location. It’s also a good idea to keep children and pets away from the installation site to ensure their safety.

Contact your installer and find out exactly what the heating installation process will entail.

2. How long does it take to put in a new heating system?

Between 4 and 8 hours – if you’re just replacing your air conditioner. However, it might take up to 14 hours for a full heating system installation.

The actual amount of time it will take to install your heating system will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your unit, type of installation (ductwork replacement vs. simple change out), and the location of installation.

3. Can I keep my current ductwork?

Yes, you can. But only if it’s in great shape.

Since you’re spending a lot of money on a new heating system, it’s important to ensure that your ductwork is properly sized for the new system and hasn’t deteriorated with time. Note that replacing your ductwork could extend the duration and length of your project.

4. What type of heating unit should I get?

There are four main types of heating systems: spit systems, duct-less, hybrid, and packaged heating and air systems. Split systems are the most popular for residential heating and air conditioning. In this setup, the AC is installed outside to bring cool air inside, while the furnace is located inside to supply heat when needed.

Consult with your local heating professional to ensure you get the right type and right size unit for your home.

5. What Thermostat Do You Recommend?

A faulty thermostat could send your heating unit to an early grave. First, you must figure out which thermostat is compatible with your heating system. Then you'll have to decide between a programmable, digital non-programmable, manual, or WI-FI thermostat.

You might also consider getting a smart thermostat as it has the ability to learn your household’s patterns and preferences and adjust temperatures accordingly.

6. What brand would you recommend for residential heating systems?

An heating system must be designed and customized for each home. At H & H Heating and Air Conditioning, we work with all major brands. We will recommend the best option for you based on your heating and cooling needs as well as your indoor air quality requirements.

We go the extra mile to cater to your individual needs and ensure you get an heating system that suits your home and your lifestyle.

7. Does your company stand behind your work?

Yes, we do!

That’s why we offer warranties on equipment and labor as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all new installations. We've been in the business for over 30 years precisely because we stand by our work and pride ourselves on providing excellent service every time. Our team specializes in residential heating installation. You won’t find a more highly rated heating installation service than H & H Heating and Air Conditioning.


Don’t suffer in cold this winter or fall. Get in touch with your local and most dependable central heating installation technicians in the Delaware Valley. We are located in Essington & Media, PA and serve many different areas including Villanova, Malvern, Wayne, Newtown Square, Media, Garnet Valley, Chadds Ford, Conshohocken and Ardmore. Call us to Know about our latest offers and money-saving coupons on the latest Home Heating Units.

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