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Heat Pump Installation & Repair Services

At H & H Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer Heat Pump installation, service, and repair for a range of heat pumps and hybrid systems that offer many benefits. A central heat pump not only maintains the right temperature during the colder months – but also helps to reduce humidity and ensures clean air all year round when combined with the right indoor air quality products.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement: Replace Your Traditional Furnace With A Heat Pump To Ensure The Right Temperature All Year Round

Our efficient, top of the line Heat Pump installation will ensure that you and your family stay comfortable and warm no matter what the Philadelphia weather has in store for us. Come rain, ice or snow, you can simply turn up the heat on your heat pump and enjoy the perfect ambient temperature.

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Bryant Evolution Series Heat Pumps

Other great benefits of our efficient, top-quality heat pumps include:

  • Quiet operation – If you have ever had a noisy, free-standing heat pump in your home, you might be discouraged to have one installed again. But ours are different! The compressor bearing on the typical heat pump installed by our team is situated outside the home and this reduces noise levels to a minimum.
  • Clean air – Heat pumps draw air out of the rooms of your home which is then pulled in through an air filter. This helps to rid your home of those nasty contaminants such as lint, dust and other air pollutants.
  • Extreme Heat Pumps are equipped with variable speed compressors and they can work efficiently down to 10° F.

Heat Pump Installation, Repair And Heat Pump Service Agreements

At H & H, we offer a wide range of services when it comes to heat pumps and dual fuel heat pumps. Whether you require a brand new heat pump fitted, your old heat pump replaced or repaired or you would like to arrange a service agreement, our team can help. A regular tune-up      can work wonders for the performance of your pump and ensure it stays ultra-efficient. Take advantage of our seasonal heating and air conditioning tune-up specials for great savings!

Heat Pumps – Energy Efficient Heating Systems That Save You Money

Our range of heat pumps has been specially selected to give you the best value for money for many years to come. We believe that energy should be used as efficiently as possible to protect the planet and your finances, so ask us about our energy-efficient products today.  

Here Are The Top Concerns Of Homeowners, Addressed:

1. Can A Heat Pump Efficiently Heat My Home?

A heat pump transfers heat from one place to the other. During winter, it transfers heat from the outdoors to the house, making the inside of the home warmer. During summer, it transfers heat from the inside of the house to the outside, thereby making the house cooler. Naturally, heat moves from a warm area to a cool area. So a heat pump relies on electrical power to reverse this natural flow of heat. Modern heat pumps are more efficient and can work even in temperatures below 10 degrees. Because they transfer heat rather than generate it, heat pumps are more energy efficient than furnaces and boilers.

2. What Is The Downside To Having A Heat Pump Installation As Opposed To A Furnace?

A heat pump doesn’t generate heat. It relies on the outdoor heat to warm the house. During winter, outdoor temperatures may drop below freezing point. That makes the heat pump work extra hard to warm the house. Hence, it may consume more electrical power. On the other hand, furnaces generate their own heat. Even though they use more energy, they provide more heat than heat pumps. That’s why heat pump installations are not suitable for climates with extremely harsh winters.

3. What Are The Different Types Of Heat Pumps You Guys Work With?

The model and type of heat pump that’s right for you depends on your lifestyle and budget. We work with air-source plus water-source heat pump units. Air source heat pumps are the most common. They extract heat from the indoor air when cooling the house and from the outdoor air when heating the house. Water source heat pumps extract heat from water bodies like rivers, large ponds, lakes, and boreholes. They use a network of pipes submerged in the water to trap the heat.

4. Do You Guys Work With Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps?

Not at this time.

5. Is Heat Pump Installation A Big Project?

The size of the heat pump installation project depends on many factors. For one, you have to consider the type of heat pump installation, whether it’s an air or water source heat pump. A water heat pump installation involves more work. Another factor is the size and design of your home. Larger homes with complex designs will involve more work. Lastly is the existence of ductwork. A fresh installation involves a lot of work. But if it’s only a heat pump replacement with pre-existing ductwork or a ductless unit, then it’s less time-consuming.

6. What Brand Of Heat Pumps Are Highly Rated?

Our top-rated heat pump is Bryant. Other pumps of high quality include Amana, Trane and Rheem.

Contact us now and we will provide you with a competitive quote so you can experience clean air and highly efficient heating with our heat pump installation, repair and service.

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