Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps System

Looking for a way to maximize comfort and efficiency? Dual fuel heat pumps deliver. With looks and operation similar to high-efficiency heat pump systems, dual fuel systems pack the extra punch of a gas furnace, alternating between electric heat pump and gas heat when temperatures drop.

How do Dual Fuel Heat Pumps Switch On the Savings?

Heat pumps transfer heat – they don’t create it. In the milder fall and spring weather, they transfer warmth from the air outside your home, even when temperatures are cool. Popular nationwide due to their high efficiency, heat pumps can warm (and cool) your home for less than it costs to operate a furnace in temperatures over 35°F. This method of heating is highly efficient, transferring 300% more energy than consumed (as compared to the 90% efficiency of a gas furnace). In the winter, however, when temperatures plummet below 35°F, it becomes more difficult for heat pump systems to efficiently pull heat from outside air. This is where dual fuel systems shine: At temperatures in which heat pump generated heat becomes less efficient and cost-effective, the gas furnace of a dual fuel heating system or hybrid boiler system can take over.

Hybrid Heat Pumps Provide Cooling Too

Dual fuel heat pump systems can also generate cooling very efficiently in the warmer via heat pump operation, providing a system that offers year-round home comfort. How does cooling work with a hybrid heat pump system? During warmer months, the heat pump portion of dual fuel heating systems operate in reverse, Instead of transferring warm air from the outdoors in, they transfer heat out of your home, delivering cooled air with the help of the furnace side of the system, utilizing air distribution components to move air, but without the use of heat-generating features. Operating like a high-efficiency air conditioner, air is blown over cold refrigerant fluid in the system’s coil. The furnace fan then distributes this air throughout your home as it would in a traditional system.

Finding the Right Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning Solution for Your Home

Providing the highest quality heating systems on the market today from trusted brands like Bryant, Lennox, Rheem, and Trane, at H & H Heating and Air Conditioning Inc, we offer a carefully chosen selection of hybrid heating and cooling systems designed to give you the ideal combination of affordability, efficiency, and lasting use. Get a free competitive quote on a system from our EPA-certified team ideally suited to your home, needs, and budget. We offer straight-forward pricing and 100% money back ‘no lemon’ guarantee. Contact H & H Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our dual fuel heat pumps.

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