Geo Thermal Heat Pumps Tap Into The Most Natural Heat Source

Geo thermal Heat Pumps are powered by electricity and tap into the earth’s natural energy and almost constant temperature that is present underground. This type of heating system is able to provide a reliable heating and cooling source for your home and for commercial properties too.

Here at H&H Heating & Air Conditioning, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest heating solutions. We offer professional installation of geo thermal heating and cooling systems and can also arrange 24/7 service for repairs and regular maintenance of your system. Our warranty agreements also ensure your system is covered in the event of a fault.

Geo Thermal Heat Pumps – What Are The Benefits?

When you are looking for a high efficiency heating system that could lower your utility bills by up to 75% (compared to conventional systems) geothermal heating could be the answer. The great thing about geothermal heating is that it is the cleanest and most energy efficient heating system on the planet. This is not just our claim but a validated statement from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Technician Joe trouble shooting geothermal heat pumps with a smile

Technician Joe troubleshooting geothermal heat pump with a smile

Here are some of the important benefits:

  • Geo thermal heat pumps can be installed in any size yard
  • They are suitable for residential and commercial properties
  • Start saving on heating costs immediately
  • No greenhouse gas emissions or carbon dioxide to worry about

How Do Geo Thermal Heat Pumps Work?

Just beneath the surface of the earth, the temperature remains fairly constant the whole year round. We take advantage of this temperature by burying your geothermal heating unit and pipes deep underground where they can draw up the earth’s natural heat and direct it straight into your home.

And in the summer, when you need to cool your home, the process is reversed – hot air is transferred out of your home and back down beneath the surface of the earth. It really is one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems and its impact on the environment and you is positive in every way.

Great Savings With Geo-Thermal Heating

Everyone needs to save money, but many of us today are also trying to save the planet. What better way to do both than to install a totally natural and highly efficient Geothermal system?

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