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Your doctor probably no longer makes house calls, but a home heating company always will. When your home heating system stops working, you have no time to shop and compare five or six contractors. If your heating system shuts down on a cold winter’s night, you face genuine risks to your home and family.

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The Trusted Delaware Valley Heating Contractor

You need a reliable, trusted heating contractor you can rely upon. You need H & H Heating and Air Conditioning. With 24-hour/seven-day-a-week emergency service with always a live person answering the phone and our own fleet of service vehicles, we can help you with all types of heating system repairs:

Quality, Honesty, Capability

For heat repair companies to prosper in the Delaware Valley, a few watchwords are a must:

  • Be reliable—At H & H Heating and Air Conditioning, we keep our word and back our work with guarantees
  • Provide quality repairs—Some companies will not tell you that boilers, furnaces and heat pumps from different manufacturers often have common parts; our service trucks are well-stocked with these parts and our technicians can often make same-day repairs
  • Be honest—Sometimes a furnace fails from a small, easily replaced part; sometimes failure means extensive repairs. With H & H Heating & Air Conditioning, we will honestly appraise your heating issue, provide warranties on our work, and give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Employ and train capable technicians—Our heating technicians carry identification cards, background checked and drug tested, wear clean uniforms, are trained in HVAC schools, and receive continual updates and education in all modern heating systems

As the Delaware Valley's premier heat repair company, we have worked in your community among your friends and neighbors since 1985. We are part of your neighborhood and strive to be the home heating company you can trust.


A truly excellent heating repair contractor can handle just about any brand of furnace, boiler or heat pump out there. In the greater Philadelphia area and throughout the Delaware Valley, our customers have homes that range from colonial-era masterpieces to sleek, modern wonders. Their heating systems may be 50 years or five months old. With H & H Heating and Air Conditioning, we have technicians whose expertise spans many brand names:

If our field heating technicians cannot diagnose and solve your heating or cooling issue, we have engineers and a database to support them. We will not leave your home until you have heat.

Repair or Replace?

The hardest dilemma a homeowner may face is whether to repair or replace an aging heating system. A good heating repair contractor can provide expert advice to help you decide which is cost-effective and will provide you with steady heat.

Should you need a new system, we can expertly and quickly install a new furnace, boiler, heat pump or radiant floor system to your specifications. Often old equipment is oversized to compensate for inefficiency. By replacing your old furnace or boiler with a modern, energy-efficient design, we can actually help lower your heating bills.


H & H Heating and Air Conditioning services what we sell, so we can establish a regular schedule of maintenance to keep your new system working smoothly. Regular maintenance helps prevent small issues from turning into expensive headaches.

For reliable, prompt and courteous service with all your heating equipment needs, contact H & H Heating and Air Conditioning today - the one home heating company you can trust.

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