Nest Learning Thermostat

A Revolution in Climate Control - Nest Learning Thermostat

Maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home is essential for any household. However, having to always adjust the settings of your thermostat to achieve this can be a hassle. Don’t have the time to program your thermostat manually? The Nest Learning Thermostat is the latest in HVAC technology, allowing you to automatically customize the settings of your air conditioning unit to cater perfectly for the needs of your family.

For homeowners fed up with complicated programmable thermostats, this tool is self-reliant and takes note of your home’s cooling and heating patterns automatically, resulting in a customized schedule that not only allows comfort but also adds to your savings.

At H & H Heating & Air Conditioning we pride ourselves in being a Nest Pro Contractor.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Different Models

This thermostat is available in two models, 1st generation and 2nd generation. To help you in deciding the best design for your home, here is a guide on all they have to offer.

1st Generation Nest:

This model of Nest Learning Thermostat allows control over a range of different aspects of your heating and cooling unit. This includes the heating, cooling, fan, power as well as the heat pump. Additionally, this thermostat also offers a number of features designed to improve the user experience, such as an auto-schedule, the ability to adapt its settings to when your home is empty as well as the provision of an energy history. For those looking to dial up the savings, the Nest leaf is also indicative of energy efficiency allowing you to keep up your savings.

2nd Generation Nest:

This updated model of the thermostat allows for even more personalization for your home’s heating and cooling system. This tool offers control over the heating, cooling, fan, power, humidifier or dehumidifier as well as heat pump. The second generation also has many added features as compared to its predecessor including, filter reminders and heat pump balance. Following in the footsteps of the former model, the 2nd generation Nest thermostat ensures you maximize your savings through the system match feature that automatically adjusts the settings to allow for energy efficiency. With regard to appearance, the second generation model is visibly sleeker in a design that is 20% thinner. Lastly, this model also allows for increased compatibility with heating and cooling systems.

So if you are looking for hassle free climate control according to your family’s unique lifestyle, contact us today at 610 532 8744 to buy and install the Nest Learning Thermostat.

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